Your pet
is in
expert hands!
Jenn is a pleasure to have as a dog walker - 100% professional, reliable, and passionate about dogs! Dino, and I experienced Jenn's talent first-hand in a training class, so imagine my delight at being able to hire her as my dog walker. If you worry about leaving your pet in someone else's hands, Jenn is the person for you. She's a great trainer, runs a well - organized business, leaves notes about her visits, and truly enjoys her work. Pet Me! is definitely the place to go for all your pet sitting and dog training needs.

- Trissa Stanton

We paw-sitively love our walks around Bird Rock everyday with Jenn. She plays fetch with us to our hearts' content, and if we need couch cuddles afterward, we get that too. Our mom is always excited to read the note Jenn writes about where we walked and what friends we saw along the way.

- Wrigley & Ruger
(& Justine Lynch)
Dog Walking


Because a tired dog is a well-behaved and happy dog.

Exercise is key to your dog's physical and mental health, so much so that a lack of it can result in destructive behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, and digging.

Most dogs need a minimum of one hour's vigorous activity every day - and that can be tough to fit into a busy schedule.


If your dog has on-leash or dog-dog aggression issues, we can help. We walk dogs other walkers or daycares have declined.

Choose between our ongoing walking service for dogs with issues or a behavior modification program to curtail or eliminate the problem so your dog can transition to standard walks.


Standard Dog Walks:
Brisk leash walks
Off-leash play (for dogs with good recall)
Pick-up and drop-off service from your home
Dog-dog playtime in park or on beach (where possible, for social dogs)

Per 30 min walk: $18
Per 60 min walk: $28

Challenging Dog Walks (for dogs with on-leash or dog-dog issues):
Individual leash walks
Carefully chosen route and handling strategy for enjoyable, low-stress walks for the dog
Pick-up and drop-off service from your home
Includes on- or off-leash (as applicable) playtime for release of energy

Per 60 min walk: $35 (Discounts for multiple days per week)

Train & Walk - Behavior Modification (for dogs with on-leash or dog-dog issues):
Individual walks with expert trainer
Custom-designed behavior modification program
Eventual transition to Standard Dog Walk rates
Includes training and playtime for release of energy

Per 60 min walk: Determined on case-by-case basis.